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Sri Ramanuja Mission, Inc. (SRI) is the official US branch of Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam, a mutt in the temple town of Srirangam in India. The Ashramam was established following the path shown by the three great sages (Muni-Traya) viz. Srimath Nathamuni (824 - 924 CE), Srimath Yamuna Muni (916 - 1041 CE) and Srimath Ramanuja Muni (1017 - 1137 CE).

The Mission's primary objectives are to preserve, practice and promote the awareness of the rich Vedic principles of Srivaishnavism through absolute surrender (Saranagathi) to Lord Sriman Narayana for the soul's permanent liberation following the scriptural guidance of Sri Nigamantha Mahadesika (1268 - 1369 CE) and Sri Srinivasa Mahadesika (Periya Andavan -1801 CE).

The Mission is a registered non-profit organization in the state of MD, and has been active all over the US since its establishment on April 14, 1997. Its activities include, but are not limited to, conducting dolothsavam (divine swing for Lord Sri Krishna) and aradhana in the traditional manner to consecrated archa moorthys of Lord Krishna and His divine consorts Rukmini and Sathyabhama, Sri Sudharshana, Sri Nrusimha, Sri Ramanuja and the Padukas (divine wooden sandals) of all Poorvacharyas (past pontiffs) of Andavan Ashramam.

HH Sri Rangaramanuja Mahadesikan has ordained SRI to establish the first Ashramam outside India.

There is no place of worship in the US representing the unique traditions (Muni-Traya Sampradhayam) of Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam.

There are very few places of worship in the US that follow the authentic traditions of Sri Pancharathra Agamas.


SRI NJ Ashramam / Balaji Temple has purchased a 6-acre property on MARCH 18, 2013 at 619 Elizabeth Avenue, Franklin Township, NJ 08873, and has received a unanimous approval from the Franklin Township Zoning Board, Somerset County, NJ. The temple is under construction, and will be inaugurated for the daily pooja of the aradhana moorthys of the Ashramam and to nurture Muni-Traya Sampradhayam.