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See below the latest prayer, memorize it, understand the meaning, and come back next week for the next prayer.

Hope you have a wonderful spiritual week with the Blessing Lord Sri Venkateshwara and Sri Padmavati Thaayar.

Stotras at Prapatti

Weekly Prayers for the Soul Minimize
vigaahe tIrtha bahulaaM shItalaaM guru santatim
shrInivaasa dayaambhodhi parIvaaha paramparaam

Meaning: adiyEn immerses deeply in the overflowing rivulets of AchArya Paramparai linked to the ocean of Dayaa of the Lord; these streams of interlinked AchArya paramaparai originating from the Lord Himself are full of cooling waters to quench our hot samsAric afflictions and they are adorned with many steps to enter into for immersion.

Srimaan Venkata Natharyaha Kavi-tarkika-kesari | Vedaantacharyavaryo me Sannidattaam Sada hrdi ||

Meaning: May Sri Venkatanaatha of auspicious attributes, who is a Lion among poets and logicians, and who is esteemed and revered as Vedaantacharya, may he ever reside and shine resplendently in my heart!